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Our Product is the Best! It offers the following awesome benefits:

  • Tightens and tones your vagina. Using this product will allow your vagina to stay tight for 2-3 days at a time – it will make each intercourse session feel like your 1st night every night all over!
  • It intensifies sexual pleasure.
  • Contracts vaginal walls.
  • Removes bad odor.
  • Combats bladder infection.
  • The product ingredients are all from the housewife’s kitchen.
  • There are no side-effects as a result of using the product – you can even suck it like a toffee!
  • Treatment with this product will help get rid of any vaginal discharge.
  • The product helps to clear urinary tract infections.
  • Prevents leaks when sneezing, coughing and or laughing.
  • Keep inside the fridge. As long as it is kept inside the fridge, there is no expiry date.
  • Use anytime throughout the year.

User Instructions for Vaginal Tightening Suppositories Toffee

  1. Wash your hands well.
  2. Pass urine before inserting the product.
  3. Remove plastic covering from the product.
  4. Insert inside your vagina.
  5. Use a panty liner since the product will also remove other possible infections.
  6. Leave inside for 2-3 hours, until it has melted completely.
  7. Remove the panty liner.
  8. Thoroughly rinse your vagina.
  9. Use once a week only.


Pay R 320.00 for 5x suppositories. Courier costs depend on where in the country you are based. Retail and wholesale welcome.

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