Weigh Less Fat Burner Seed has been used with great success, and results are evident through the testimonials of our satisfied clients:

“I’ve been using the seed for a year now. I started at 92kgs and wore a size 40-42. I am now 74kgs and am wearing a size 32-34. Feeling sexy and energetic like I’m 10 years younger. I use it 5 days a week and take a break over weekends. A quarter piece for the 5 days. It even helped me reduce my sugar and starch consumption. Hope your business grows as these are visible results!”

“This is not just a seed – it is a miracle worker! It pulled me out of my pit of despair and gave me something new. God used you so much in my life. Over 9 years I suffered from so many things, but I healed within 2 weeks! God bless you and your family so much. I am very grateful. I can face the mirror again and people are noticing the change in me. Thank you – thank you so much!”

“I started on a 1/4 seed and not 1/8 as prescribed. I lost 3kg already and am very happy with the product! I am so happy because I just can’t diet. With this seed I have zero appetite!”

“I just want to share my excitement with you. I bought the seed from you in April and when I started taking it, in the beginning, I thought I can’t do this as my tummy went at the most awkward times in the mornings. While waiting for my bus I would need to go, so I stopped taking it. I would take it when I felt like it. During the past month, my friends have noticed the weight loss and have asked what was going on. I thought they were crazy as I didn’t think I have lost much. Well, when I put on a pair of pants last Sunday I was looking ridiculous since it was hanging from my body. I decided to weigh myself … I have lost a whooping 9kg from April until now. I decided to try on clothes that were too small the previous summer, and burst into tears of joy …”

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“I’m so happy! I cannot keep my excitement! Thank you! It’s the first time ever that I am seeing this amazing results on my weight loss journey. I am on top of the world!”

“I have lost 12kgs. My husband passed away a month ago and I comforted myself with a lot of sweet stuff, feeling depressed. Regardless of this, I have not gained back any weight. 10 kgs to go!”

“I have lost 8kg already, on and off the product! Can I order more please?”

“I am overjoyed with your product. It REALLY works. I am amazed. Did not weigh myself, but I can feel the difference in my clothes.”

“Just want to let you know I’ve lost 35kg and still going strong. Thank you for the magic bean. When I look in the mirror I’m so proud of myself. As I have an apron stomach, I can see my legs again. When I feel so good and not depressed and full of energy and can buy some beautiful clothes in a normal size, it does so much for my self-image. My husband is so proud of me too! “

“You are a beautiful person! Your inner beauty is reflected through you not judging us. Thank you for helping us to look better!”

“I have lost 20kg already! I am so excited!!” “I cannot believe how much me and my mom have lost in just one week! I went from 114.2kg (24 Jan.) to 111kg, and my mom from 105.2kg to 102.4kg. Amazing!!!”

“Thank you so much for the seed. It is such a blessing and I will order more. I’ve been using it every day and although not following a strict diet, and although I cheated here and there, I still lost some weight and my dresses are fitting much looser. I believe that if I do not cheat I will lose even more weight! After so many years of trying to diet this is the best one!”

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“I have lost weight and am on top of the world! It’s like a dream! I don’t even have a double chin anymore!”

“I am so happy with your product and my tummy is already disappearing! ”

“Your seed works! My daughter in Potch already lost 8.1kg, and I have lost 19.4kg! I have seen pamphlets with the seeds being sold elsewehere but believe yours is the best!”

“I used to feel very hungry in the morning. i dont eat until 12 in the afternoon. i use to eat like 6-7 in the morning the first morning. i was like is this real i am not hungry i def will be ordering more.”

“I know it works! I’ve been using it since August and I lost weight. My skin also cleared up and even my arthritis is much better!”

“I am on top of the world! It’s like a dream. I don’t even have a double chin anymore.”

“Yes, it does work as I can’t eat much anymore and I’m no longer as hungry as I used to be, and am also no longer craving for food. My sister and hubby, as well as my best friend are on it too. Thank you for being there when I needed you. You are an angel in my eyes. Will be ordering again soon and thank you for being there to listen.”

“The nut works! I lost 7kg! I am very happy and will soon order more. Continue the good work and thank you for helping us.”

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“Slowly but surely … Thanks for bringing back my confidence again!”

“Your product is wonderful! My clothes are feeling looser and I have lost weight in the first week. Thank you!”

“Fat Burner Seed is really doing wonders! I love what I see!”

“I am soooooo happy!! I’ve been struggling to lose weight for 4 years and only now weigh 100kg, after using cortizone. I have been stuck on 107kg for 2 years! When I started the seeds I was on 109.8kg and today am finally on 99.9kg!!! I almost cried! Thank you thank you thank you!! I have 3 seeds left and will be ordering more soon.”

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