Losing weight with Weigh Less Fat Burner Seed is super easy!

  1. Use before going to bed at night.
  2. Take one seed and slice it into eight pieces.
  3. Crush it with the back of a teaspoon.
  4. Add the thin slices or crushed pieces to a 1/4 cup of boiled water/tea or drink when cooled off.
  5. Drink another cup of water, before going to bed.

Please note:

  • The seed is tasteless. We recommend using a good Vitamin B while losing weight.
  • You might feel bloated after drinking the water and seeds, but once all run down you will notice the difference.
  • Avoid fatty foods, fizzy drinks, bread, and chocolate for the best results. We recommend having lettuce with each meal.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day between 7am and 10am, and eat bananas, other fruits and vegetables.
  • If alcohol was consumed, only take the seed the next morning on an empty stomach.
  • Each person is unique and has a unique metabolism, and therefore each persons’ body will respond in a unique way. Some people lose weight fast, while others take longer.
  • Suitable for all genders.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, persons with ulcers, persons allergic to antibiotics, persons older than 63 years.
  • If the dosage is too strong, you can lower it, but do not give up!

Lastly, we recommend supplementing your diet with the following, available from health shops and convenience stores:

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